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We will adapt to you..

Our experience, different facilities/people have different ways they go about filling their staffing needs. Whether you prefer staffing by phone, fax, email, third party staffing management, or third party websites, we deal with all of them. We are also used to all scenarios when it comes to lead time. Whether you give us a month of needs, a week in advance, a day in advance or an hour in advance, it is business as usual for us. We handle a lot of late call business as well. We can handle anything you throw our way!! In addition, we will tailor our services to meet even your smallest needs. Any specific ways you want to handle your staffing is not a problem for us. Our staff will adapt to any technological elements you require and we will acquire any technologies needed to meet your needs.

Our Passion...

HOME is our first name. The makeup of Home Stay Home Care is filled with the minds, but also the hearts of a lot of wonderful caring people. Home Stay Home Care provides services to many long term care facilities, hospitals, in-home, and other specialty facilities. We have nurses & caregivers available to cover any specialty areas that you may have a need for.

Why Medical Staffing Assistance?

We know that regardless of the higher hourly rates for “agency” nurses, most clients are aware that there is indeed cost savings when you take into account all the following areas you save by using us.

Working for you...

It is important to have regular staff taking care of your family memebers or loved ones for familiarity reasons. We understand that this is why all healthcare providers always prefer full-time staff over staff from outside companies. Our goal is always to provide our partners with regular staff whom you prefer and will help you keep high marks when it comes to the continuity of care you provide.

Hiring Process

Candidates for healthcare employment must successfully meet or pass the following requirements prior to employment. 

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